Sony Mobile Phones

Sony Corporation is a known electronic giant from Japan. The company has several consumer goods that target both massive and coach in electronics, entertainment, games and even financial sector. In 2001 Sony entered in mobile world by joining hands with Ericson. Sony mobile Phones made under Sony Ericson brought innovation by introducing Multimedia features remain 4th largest manufacturer till 2010. However failed to compete with iPhone and so collapsed. Sony has purchased Ericson and focusing on Xperia and smart wears.

Sony Xperia World:

Sony mobile phones enter and brought Xperia world for user in 2013. Xperia Z , Z1 and Z2 are definitely a sleek experience of latest android OS, fast processing via 1.5 GH processor and a 13 px sensor. The phone has no doubt great features and includes plus point like water resistance and sleek design and in competition with HTC. However it has some heat-up issues. Sony has planned to continue experimenting and creating new Xperia for you. Sony Mobiles Prices are targeting coach and middle class and not for massive yet.

Sony mobile phones Australia:

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Sony Ericsson Cedar

v Released 2010 , September  Ø  Features Phone Ø  280MB starage  ,Micro ..

AUD $99.99