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Vodafone WiFi Booster: Overview

The default SSID for the WiFi Booster is:

  • 2.4Ghz band – VodafoneWB2.5G-WWWWW
  • 5Ghz band – VodafoneWB5G-VVVVV

The default password is unique to each wifi booster and can be found on the back of your Booster’s sticker.  The default SSID and password can be changed by logging into the Booster’s user interface.

The Wi-Fi booster can be setup in 3 unique modes and 1 automatic mode.

Straight out of the box, Auto mode is selected and the WiFi Booster is ready to pair with the modem wirelessly or detect any devices connected via an Ethernet cable.

Station ModeCreates a wireless connection between the modem and the WiFi Booster to allow Ethernet devices to be connected to the back of the Booster

You can pair your modem with the Wi-Fi booster wirelessly so that end devices like a Vodafone TV Set Top Box, an Xbox console, Computer or Smart TV can plug to the back of the Booster using an Ethernet cable.

Connect up to two end devices to the back of the booster or use an Ethernet Switch for three or more devices.

Access Point ModeExtend the Wi-Fi coverage in the traditional way by using an Ethernet cable to create a connection between the Wi-Fi Booster and the modem.

End devices then connect to the Booster wirelessly.

Repeater ModeExtends the coverage of the Wi-Fi connectivity from the modem.

The Wi-Fi Booster is paired with the modem wirelessly (WPS) and placed in an optimal location within the home for end devices to wirelessly connect to.

This is useful in homes where this distance from the modem to end wireless devices is an issue and connecting the Booster back to the modem using an Ethernet cable is not desired or possible.

Auto ModeAutomatically detects the intended mode if the Booster is connected in either 1 of the 3 modes above upon powering and booting up. It is recommended that it should be switched to one of the three modes once the correct mode is setup to be used.  This is to avoid undesired mode changes

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