Latest Trends In Mobile Phones

Posted by admin 15/09/2017 11 Comment(s)

Technology is experiencing major shifts with the passage of time generally and specifically in the smartphone industry. The trends are changing at a fast pace thus setting latest trends in a short span of time. Coping up with the rapid development of smartphones is not an easy task anymore as each new smartphone introduces a variety of new features. Improvements are not only made in the physical features but the software is also been upgraded enhancing the overall functions of the device thus catering to the needs of the consumers. Trends shift with each day passing and each New Year has a lot more to offer.

The latest trends of smartphones include the larger screen to body ratio. A number of manufacturers are seeking ways to develop such phones along with a small bezel and a few have been successful in achieving their target by manufacturing dual curve display phones. Such phones have received a positive response from the customers and is said to be one of the major latest trends next year.

Designs of the surrounding body may not experience any drastic change however a shift from metal to glass could be observed as the latest trend in coming years. This trend makes handling the mobile phones more convenient for the consumers.
Security is also a major concern for the manufacturers along with providing convenience. Multiple smartphone manufacturers provide fingerprint recognition for the identification of one’s phone. It is one of the popular trends at present however various manufacturers are heading towards the adoption of face recognition and iris scanner thus setting new trends and making the device more secure as the retina scan could not be imitated. It could only be utilized by people alive as the iris vanishes after a person is dead. Whereas face recognition works on the principle of a neural engine which remembers the face of the user and utilizes it for the unlocking of the cell phone.

Smartphones are widely used for the purpose of entertainment such as listening music, taking pictures and etc. The dual camera has been an important feature of smartphones as it helps in enhancing the quality of the pictures and is expected to continue in the same fashion next year as well. Listening music is also common and requires the insertion of a 3.5 mm jack thus providing better sound quality but thickens the smartphone. Thus it is expected that the smartphone companies would explore more of the blue tooth technology and incorporate blue tooth earbuds and headphones in coming years.


Numerous smartphones are using augmented reality as a major feature. It is expected to grow enormously in the coming years. More detailed guidance regarding the routes would be provided to the consumers through a camera on the maps making the feature more helpful. These were some of the emerging trends expected next year and it seems that the smartphones have a lot more to offer in coming years.