How to Choose the Best Mobile Phones

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Selecting a mobile phone nowadays is a tricky decision as the market is saturated with a wide range of options. People can buy online unlocked mobile phones and get their desired specifications with just a click. Whenever you are choosing a mobile phone it would either be having an Android or IOS as its operating system. Statistics have shown that more than 99 percent of the phones sold last year had these two operating systems. Both the systems have their own advantages. Here is a comparison of both of them making it easy for the customers to choose while making their decision.


When comparing the affordability Apple has always categorized its products at the higher end. Its products iPhone 8 iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X are highly priced and one has to pay the premium to enjoy the classy iPhone sets. On the other hand, those interested to buy cheap mobile phones can opt for the android phone which provides a variety of low-cost products and better quality.


Number of Apps being another measure of comparison shows that both the systems provide a large number of various Apps most of them being available on both. But still I app developers prefer IOS to launch their Apps thus making I phone a better option when compared to Samsung mobile phones.


Ease of use is also a primary concern of the customers while opting for a better cell phone. Initially, when mobile phones offered the Windows operating system, iPhone mobile phones just brought a revolution in the operating systems. Whereas currently both Android phones and iPhone enable you to enjoy almost the same ease of use while using your cell phone. Going into further details Android phones such as the Samsung mobile phones provide you with a better control over your phone.




The attractiveness of the cell phone is very important for some of the customers and they prefer a cell phone with a perfect fit and finish over a simple looking cell phone. Such customers often opt to buy iPhone mobile phones as the manufacturers of iPhone make sure that they maintain full control over the whole process in order to offer an attractive and luxurious end product.


When compared with Android phones it completely depends upon the range from which you are picking up your cell phone. Some of the Samsung Mobile Phones such as Samsung S7 are of the same fit and finish.


A comparison between the battery life and charging of the two phones almost leads to a draw as almost all of them vary in the lifespan of the charging they could offer. So you choose to buy an iPhone mobile phone or a Samsung mobile phone the battery life and charging would depend upon the set one possesses and the way it is being consumed by the owner.


The comparison between the two leads to the conclusion that each one of them has its own benefits and uniqueness. Both of them offer a wide range of features and allow the customer to pick the best according to their own preferences.