Features Of iPhone in 2018

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Smart phones have for sure taken the world of technology by storm with their latest models and features coming one after another. Customers have a wide variety in front of them to choose as they can buy Samsung Mobile phones or iPhones. Each phone has a unique set of key characteristics to offer and still with each day passing they keep on improving. Similarly with the start of 2018 a whole new debate has started regarding the new phones IPhone has to offer in the New Year.


It is expected that Apple would offer a single LCD phone which would preferably have a metal back, but with this variation it is expected that the phone may not facilitate wireless charging. Sizes of screen are also expected to be used as a feature of variation. IPhone mobile phones would be providing three different sizes for screens along with other unique features, for instance micro LEDs providing high brightness and colour saturation.


Security being one of the major attributes of I phone it is expected that the feature of facial recognition or in other words the Face ID would be provided in all the new phones and its usage would be expanded making it more secure thus motivating customers to buy online mobile phones having a vast variety of specifications.


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Speed another important dimension, on the basis of which differentiation takes place is also taken into consideration by the iPhone in 2018.Not much time has passed since 3G and 4G were introduced and people got access to high speed internet when they intended to buy iPhone Mobile Phones. It seems that the next big thing is just on the way as Apple intends to introduce Gigabit LTE. It would provide a whole new meaning to speed and would provide a download speed up to 1000 megabits per second.


Wireless charging is another feature that is expected in the new phones coming in 2018. The wireless charging which is being provided now a days is of the kind that still demands the device to be placed physically on the charging mat, whereas the new phones would most probably provide complete wireless charging in a radius of one meter by utilizing the principle of magnetic fields. Keeping in view the above mentioned features one may say that I phone customers could expect large variety of new or advanced specifications while they are making their perceptions to buy iPhone mobile phones in 2018.