A comparison of Android and IPhone

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Mobile phones have brought in a revolution in the world of technology and have also provided the customers with a vast variety to choose from. Making a purchase decision takes into account a large number of factors and is categorized differently by almost each customer. A few prefer ease of use whereas others focus on the usefulness each having their own importance. With an increased number of options buying has become quite easy as one can buy online mobile phones by just a single click. Moreover mobile phones have now become quiet affordable as one can buy cheap mobile phones easily anywhere, anytime. Software also contributes a lot while customers are building their preferences. Android phones are the best when it comes to stylish designs and unique features and customers are compelled to own samsung phones but there are other strengths in which I phone could not be matched. Following are some of the specifications which makes it preferable to buy iPhone Mobile phones.


Speed is one of the key features on which the products of Apple distinguish themselves. The new I phone 8 I phone 8 plus or I phone X provide excellent speed which could not be matched by any of the android phones. The speed provided by the processor sets a whole new benchmark in processing heavy files and editing heavy videos as well.


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Quality of the cameras which was once an important feature of android phones and people used to buy Samsung mobile phones for this purpose is now an important attribute of I phone. The new I phone 8 plus can take clear images preserving their vibrant colour and originality. Customers can now Apple Mobile Phones and take better images in low light utilizing the HDR technology. iPphone has a better software and hardware integration as compared to Android. The 3D touch which has been initiated in Iphone6 was later made a part of all the sets. It allows to use the home screen in a convenient manner by adjusting the pressure of the touch of the finger. Moreover specific lighting effects could be added in the portrait mode by just a little tap on the screen thus making the mobile phones a preferable smart phone to purchase.


The ease which I phone provides to its users is an significant factor which the consumer takes into account whenever he wants to buy samsung mobile phones. Moreover the app developers prefer I phone for launching their Apps thus making the best Apps to come first to I phone than followed by the Android Phones. As almost all of the activities are becoming mobile so is making payments. Apple provides a convenient and quick way of making payments through its Apple Pay. It is the simplest way of making payments by just bringing your phone near to the payment terminal and press the ID sensor of the phone. I phone also provides with an opportunity of sharing to the whole family. You can now purchase latest mobile phones and up to six people can share the purchases on App store, ibooks, itunes etc. Thus providing a reason to prefer I phone over the Android.