Samsung Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 6S Plus

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Comparisons between Apple and Samsung are the most looked forward comparisons for the customers who show interest in the latest developments in the cellular world. Here comes the latest review of Galaxy S7 and iPhone 6S. It is being said that Galaxy S7, the Samsung mobile phones is giving a tough competition to iPhone. The launch of Galaxy S6 gave a complete new look to the cheap mobile phones as it was one of the finest models made by Samsung as far as the design and style of the set was concerned The fine-looking combination of metal and glass made the handset classy and changed the previous look of Samsung mobile phones with plastic backs.


The cell phone looked premium but still it was not able to beat the iPhone. However Apple’s 6S did not offered something much different when compared with iPhone 6 but still it was still preferred for daily use by to the customers who are interested to Buy Apple iPhone mobile phones. However the launch of Galaxy S7 Samsung has made minute changes to its design such as removing the camera bump and adding a slight thickness making the handling of phone much easier which contributes as a significant attribute while comparing the phones with its competitors. Comparing the displays of the two, Galaxy S7 offers a much brighter, vibrant and clear display using its AMOLED technology in contrast to the iPhone mobile phones but Apple’s feature of 3D Tech could not be matched by S7 which enables the screen to manage a lot of pressure and is helpful while handling various tasks such as viewing emails and working on different websites.


Galaxy S7 has a better processor in comparison with the previous samsung phones as it uses a Exynos 8890 and enhances the performance up to 30 percent than the previous galaxy mobiles. Whereas iPhone has the Dual core A9 chip which is almost similar to S6 but S7 definitely has an edge in terms of the performance of its processor. As cell phones are used largely for storing various types of data so storage is one of the major attribute while comparing two different cell phones. S7 has an internal storage of 32 GB whereas iPhone 6 provides a space of 16GB, 64 GB and 128 GB of internal memory. The Samsung mobile phones may offer lesser space but the additional options such as micro SD card to manage the lesser storage space. It facilitates the use to transfer the photos and other data thus managing the available storage space but still improvement is required in this regard. Looking at the prices iPhone apparently looks less expensive than S7 but looking at the storage options Galaxy S7 could be a better option for those looking for cheap mobile phones. So overall S7 is being considered as a strong competitor to iPhone 6 providing a number of areas of excellence.