Payment Methods

We offer our valued buyers a number of payment methods so that they can easily pay us online. We accept payments via PayPal, Debit/Credit card. We also accept direct bank transfers. You can use any of the means as per your choice. Make sure that payment reaches us in time so that we can dispatch your order. In case your PayPal account fails in the verification process, your order will not be dispatched. You have to have an authorized account for paying us. Similarly, if your direct bank transfer does not reach us, your order delivery will be delayed. Once, the amount is sent to our account it is irreversible in case you change your mind. So, benefit yourself from easy and secure payment methods and shop freely.

Money Back Guarantee Offered

We offer you money back guarantee if you want to return your device in 7 days span. If you do not find a phone or a tablet according to your requirements and you want to have your money back, you can have it by claiming it on customer care center.  Money back guarantee return policy includes the following terms:

For any further assistance, you can consult our customer care department anytime. They will provide you all the necessary information you need to know about our payment methods or our return policy. You just have to tell them your invoice number and products description and they will guide you promptly.