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We're discussing the latest phone from the greatest cell phone maker on the planet – obviously it will stun. It's additionally an amazingly costly phone with awesome contenders like the Moto X Pure and Nexus 6P that cost hundreds less. We can't resist the urge to ask, "Is it justified, despite all the trouble?"In case you're a Samsung fan or you’re not, there are all the good reasons to give it a chance. The Galaxy S7 is beyond your expectations, yet despite of a few contradictory views, its retails price could be somewhat difficult to accept.


With all the breathtaking features the company introduced in the Galaxy S6 and expanding it with an intention to meet user’s demands. The Galaxy S7 is somewhat an upgraded version than its preceding models, somewhat bolder and more exciting. Samsung avoided plastic parts, focusing on their metal-and-glass development process. The phone's edge is all delicate metal and smooth bends, while its glass front and back adjusts perfectly on your palm.


The S7's camera isn't as competitive as a year ago's model, however, that has more to do with the phone's wider screen. Both are positive changes that tuck up the phone's typical slim appearance.

Samsung's TouchWiz was one of the most appealing options introduced by the company, it was loaded with elements you presumably don't utilize. That is not generally the situation – Samsung's camera application, for instance, is fairly awesome, subtle yet loaded with extraordinary controls.  


That’s not all, Samsung has really upgraded some features, top of that is the new and innovative display. Despite the fact that when the phone's screen is off, a couple of the OLED presentation's pixels stay dynamic, showing  the time and essential notices like missed calls and messages. You need to utilize Samsung's incorporated applications to get the experience, yet it's a witty component in any case.


You've presumably heard Samsung's showcasing arm gloating about the S7's camera. They're introducing terms like Dual Pixel Technology and stage recognize self-adjust while making correlations with DSLR cameras. Nothing unexpected; the cell phone camera has turned into most loved simple to use, all things considered.


 Each of Samsung’s 12 million pixels has its own particular twin photograph diodes worked in. This implies each and every pixel can be utilized to refocus the focal point, which incredibly eliminates center time. You can twofold tap the home catch to immediately take the phone to camera mode, discover your focus and take a photo, all inside the range of around a second and a half.


It's important that while the nature of the photos the S7 takes has enhanced, they're not that greatly improved than those taken by the S6. The phone's sensor is presently only 12 megapixels, however on account of a ƒ/1.7 gap, it can deal with low-light photography with far less contortion. Samsung's always enhancing picture handling nets some flawless photographs, and obviously, you can shoot video up to 4K determination or in lower resolutions up to 240fps


Talking about the space, the Galaxy S7 is accessible in both 32GB and 64GB setups. There's no 128GB alternative, yet never fear; the microSD card space, truant from a year ago's Galaxy, has returned, and it can also be upgraded to 200GB in size. That is all that anyone could need stockpiling for all your photograph, video, music and application downloading needs.


We said before that the Galaxy S7 is marginally thicker than the S6. The distinction isn't amazing – only .04 inch, in certainty – however, it gave Samsung enough space to pack in a fundamentally bigger, 3000mAh battery. With an additional 450mAh of juice, you'd expect a relative increment in the life of the phone; however, the S7 just kept going a couple of a bigger number of minutes than the S6 in our battery test.

Given that a longer battery implies a more drawn out charge time, even with Qualcomm's fast charging highlight, the general battery involvement with the S7 has lessened.


The last huge notable change the S7 offers is its IP68 rating; the phone is dust-proof and water-proof up to 1.5 meters for 30 minutes. For all intents and purposes, you can spill your beverage on the phone, drop it in the sink, take it out in the downpour or salvage it from a flush without stress. We'd even dare to say you could bring it into the shower, yet don't abandon it under high temp water for a really long time – some watertight seals can’t bear hotter temperatures.


Galaxy S7 is the Best Smartphone According to Experts

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